The main objectives of INNOVEXPO are:

The successful exploitation and integration of cutting-edge technologies and digital capabilities into design and production of interactive exhibitions.

The enhancement of exhibition experience through the multimodal and multi-sensory uptake of knowledge and information from the general and specific public.

The increase of the interest, especially of young people, in specialized thematic exhibitions and, consequently, the increase of their visit.
The development of an integrated, competitive and sustainable product –in the Greek and international market– for the presentation of cultural or other content, with lower production costs than conventional high value content exhibitions.

The promotion of Greek mythology in an attractive way for the Greek and international audience, based on the results of geomethological research and the scientific interpretation and documentation of myths.

The inauguration of a new horizon of cooperation between science, technology and creative industry in the field of culture and tourism.

The extension of the cooperation between the business and the scientific community in order to highlight a variety of other thematic fields.

Creating specialized jobs in the fields of scientific research, cultural technology-communication and the creative industry.