For the implementation and presentation of INNOVEXPO, the case study that has been selected is the promotion and dissemination of Greek mythology aspects, which is considered a global cultural asset.

Geomethological research, through the interdisciplinary approach, will interpret selected myths and will document the causes of their creation, focusing on their relationship to natural phenomena and glocal climate, geomorphological and geotectonic changes.

The incorporation of the results of the research, into technological applications will provide a scientific validity and a new, attractive perspective to the studying and presentation of mythology, at an international level.

All of the technological applications produced, through original screenwriting, will provide an “example” of an interactive exhibition based on the Greek mythology, during the project’s final phase. The exhibition will initially target a specific audience (e.g. representatives of cultural sites and museums, educational and scientific community, creative industry professionals, etc.) in order to be evaluated and optimized.

In a second phase, the enrichment of the exhibition with new thematic topics will be possible, as well as the introduction of parallel events.