Presentation of INNOVEXPO at the 2019 Excite Conference

INNOVEXPO has successfully been presented at the annual international conference of the European Network of Centers and Museums ECSITE, held this year in Copenhagen, Denmark from 6th to 8th June 2019, with the topic of “Pushing boundaries“. On June 6, 2019, the oral presentation entitled “INNOVEXPO, Developing innovative applications for enhanced and interactive expositions” was held, during the session “What’s new in touring exhibitions – 2“. In addition, INNOVEXPO was presented at the so-called Ecsite Business Bistro, the trade fair organized as a parallel event of the aforementioned conference.

In an exhibition stand, leased by TETRAGON, a Roll Up Stand Banner with surveillance material presenting INNOVEXPO was also installed. The project’s brochure in English was available for the public, while a specially designed presentation for the project and its implementation plan was displayed on a laptop screen.